Paranoid Fabrications started with me just wanting a grounding kit for my Subaru RS2.5. Seeing how all the the kits out there were over a hundred bucks, I made mine for cheaper. I posted on some fourms about the kit i made, and this sparked interest.

From that time. I put up this site, and started selling these via this site, and on ebay. After a few months of this i stumbled across the site www.RS25.com and became a vender on there. RS25 has been a great place for me, selling lots of kits there.

Now, this is not my full time business, but just something i do for the fellow car enthusiasts

My other hobby is off-roading (mainly rock crawling) My current project is a 71 Toyota FJ40. From building roll cages, to custom bumpers, to a full chassis rewire. I have done it all. And love 99% of it (yes, i do have those days, where I throw wrenches across the garage, but we all do :D )

I think that’s about it, if you know anything else about me, please let me know (you stalker)

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