Subaru Impreza 95-07 Longer Rear "Stud" Kit & 95-11 Longer Front "Stud" kit


Subaru Impreza 95-07 Longer “Stud” Kit (will work for all spacers, i have a few different size bolts i include depending on how thick you order) These are no Studs as nobody makes a M8 stud. these are bolts and lock nuts (some spacers have threaded inserts) you should use locktite on the nuts to keep them spinning. If you want to purchase these locally these are the sizes for 35mm long, M8, 1.25pitch for 1/2″ and under and 55mm long, M8, 1.25 pitch for 1″ and under.

Price is for a set of 6 (so one set will work for either the front OR the back

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