Subaru Baja Designs LED light Install

Steps to install Baja Designs lights in your Subaru

Step 1. Take an inventory of the parts supplied, you should have two brackets, two wiring pigtails (including two ends), 2 6mm nuts and 4 6mm bolts

Step 2. Open up your sweet Baja Design lights and take out the two lights and and the 4 hex nuts and 4 star washers. The rest of the items you can keep in case you need them later for another install


Step 3. Get your tools ready, You will need a 10mm socket, socket wrench, hex wrench and flat tip screwdriver. A multi meter will also be handy. 

Step 4. Mount the lights to the Paranoid Fabrications mounting bracket as shown. the star washers will be a tight fit and may require a slight bend of the bracket to fit. You will want to set the light closest to the bracket for the most clearance to the fog surround. The bracket hole is oval so you have some adjustment. 

Step 5. Head out to your car, go under the front bumper on the side you are working on first, there are two clips. remove these two clips.


Remove the clip by placing a screwdriver under the head and popping the head, once that is loose you can pull the entire clip out. 


Step 6. Pull down the inner flap to give you room to put you hand in there. You just need enough room to get your hand up there and remove the light. 


Step 7. Remove the factory fog surround. Its clipped in from the back, you can either push it out from the back or use a plastic pry stick to pry it off. You can see the clips in the picture below.

Step 8. Remove the stock fog light. There is a 6mm bolt on the inside and a plastic screw. remove the bolt from the inside, and using a pointy object push the center of that plastic and it will pop out from the outside (the other option is to use a small Phillips screwdriver and unscrew the plastic bolt from the inside) 


Close up of the bolt and plastic nut. You will not be reusing these but keep them in case you go back to stock someday

Step 9. Unplug the light (note the plug shown)

Step 10. Bolt up the new light, using the bolt on the bottom (with the factory nut, and the bolt and nut on the top section. (on the inside of the lights)

Step 11. With your fog lights unplugged, plug in the wiring harness and make sure the leads to not touch each other. Using a Multi meter check which wire is the positive. With that info, looking at the Baja Designs light, plug the positive wire into the plug side that matches up with the WHITE wire on the light. the other wire goes in the other side.

On the XV, normally the white wire with black stripe is the Positive and the solid black is the negative but you should double check. Once you have determined what wire is the positive wire, plug them into the wire end until you hear the click, then fold down the end cover. 

Step 12. Turn on the fog lights and make sure it turns on (if not you will need to remove the plug and swap the wires, you will need a special tool to remove the pins, so make sure you get it right the first time) Then pop in the fog surround. 

If you find that it wont clip on properly you may need to readjust the light to be farther back. if this still doesn't work some cars will need slight trimming of the back of the surround. in the picture below you can see in silver where to trim if needed. Just do a little at a time.