Subaru Impreza Speaker Spacers/Adapters

Subaru Impreza Speaker Spacers/Adapters

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Looking to fit that nice new speaker in the doors? realize that you need a spacer so it doesn’t hit the window? I got what you need. If you want a different ID (Inside Diameter) please let me know and i will make it for you, but please allow a few extra days to make.

for 00-07 owners, anything over 3/8" will require door panel mods

Impreza 08-17 Standard ID is 5.625″ (most owners order 3/4" thick spacers)

Impreza 00-07 Standard ID is 5.5″ (most owners order 3/8" thick spacers)

These are all CNC made from HDPE plastic.

Price per pair